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Noah's Ark Essences

All of the essences have been created  by Rosi with love and with assistance from those in the spiritual realms.  This partnership ensures that those energy beings who are the 'masters' of vibrational medicine graciously supply the information necessary in order to create these essences.  Some of our combination blends have been made using some of the base ingredients of other flower essence producers to create very specific blends whilst others have been created by Noah's Ark Essences by gathering stones from the environment, crystals, fossils and shells, to create very specific vibrational frequencies that could not be obtained from the essences in the other kits.  In instances like these, Rosi has been led to the ingredients that were necessary before creating the essences.

Noah's Ark Essences are 100% natural, containing no toxic chemicals and designed to work in harmony with your animals and with you.  The essences are gentle, have no side-effects and can be taken with any other medication.

Please note: Noah's Ark Essences does not market essences produced by other essence producers.  Rather, we list the combinations that are available and that can be blended.  The resulting blend is a 'dosage' bottle and is in keeping with the work of a flower essence practitioner that is using flower essence kits from other essence producers.



What's New:

Activation of Sacred Contract Archetype Essence - May 2011

(More information can be found under the Products & Services tab and under Noah's Ark Essences)


Aggression & Dominance Blend (Animals) - October 2010

This blend is suitable for animals that are exhibiting dominance and aggressive traits specifically when the dominance and aggression has fear as the underlying cause.  It will also help those animals who are intolerant to being touched and who have a tendency to bite and nip when being stroked

* This blend can be found under the Products & Services tab and under Cats & Dogs

Karmic Imprints Essence - October 2010 

This essence will be working with karmic imprints within the DNA, auric field and physical body.  It will help to resolve and clear negative programs, past life wounds and fragments, belief systems, vows, contracts, oaths and promises from previous lifetimes as well as the present.  This essence will work with the four types of miasms or energy imprints: karmic, acquired, ancestral and planetary

* This blend can be found under the Products & Services tab and under Noah's Ark Essences




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