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Working in harmony with you and your animals
What are Essences

Essences contain vibrational patterns of conscious energy suspended in a liquid medium, namely spring water with either a preservative of brandy, vegetable glycerin or cider vinegar.  Flower essences are the main type of essences made but essences can also be made from many other energies including crystals, stones, trees and from the environment, called environmental essences.

How do Essences work

Every living thing contains a life force whose 'essence' is spiritual in nature.  It is this life force that is present in an essence and when its unique vibrational frequency is introduced into our energy field, energy bodies, chakras, and even the cells of the physical body it begins to resonate and impart qualities that may be needed by the individual or animal to either affect a change on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.  The essences will help to seek out that which is out of balance and bring our conscious awareness to that which may need to be brought back into balance, allowing it to come to the surface to be released and healed.

Essences and animals

Animals respond very positively to essences and they are especially useful in addressing emotional imbalances.  Many of the physical diseases seen in animals have as their root cause, emotional distress.  By helping an animal to address the emotional imbalance, healing of the physical complaint will follow.

Essences provide very powerful healing as they address the root cause of issues rather than merely masking the symptoms.

By using essences coupled with animal communication, the animal is given a voice to express what is occuring at a deep level, and once there is awareness of what is troubling the animal, essences can be given to begin the process of addressing the issues the animal presents. 

In my experience, many of the animals will have a layering of issues, and each issue has to be taken separately before moving onto the next issue.  This is especially true of animals that have been abandoned or have been abused in any way.  These traumas remain within the energy field, organs and body of the animal, until such time as they can be brought to the surface for healing.  Cases of abuse and abandonment are deep wounds that take time to heal as the essences work their magic in allowing the animal to begin to release the pain and trauma from their heart centre, and start the process of feeling safe in the heart.

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