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Fleas, Ticks & Lice Blend & Worms Blend

Make your animal less susceptible to fleas, ticks & lice in a natural and non-harming way. This bend is preventative only and does not get rid of existing fleas.

The worms blend creates an environment where worms cannot thrive

Price  £ 24.00
Post Surgery Recovery Blend & Shock & Trauma Blend

Two very useful blends to have in your home. The Post Surgery Recovery blend provides support to an animal’s energy body after surgeries or injuries and will aid in cleansing the body of traces of medications given including anaesthetic, steroids and antibiotics, whilst the Shock & Trauma blend offers support to any animal involved in any form of accident, or those animals that have been attacked by other animals to help with the shock and trauma of the experience at a physical and energetic level. Beneficial to also give to animals that witnessed the accident or attack as animals are sensitive to their own kind being hurt or injured

Price  £ 20.00
Birthing Blend for Mothers & Offspring Birthing Blend

The Birthing Blend for Mothers will give support to the mother through the birthing process, and will help to maintain her physical and mental energy throughout the pregnancy and help with possible stress and discomfort. It will also help with any problems the mother may have in bonding with her offspring when they are born. The offspring Birthing Blend will lend support to the newborn with the trauma of birth and adapt to the new changes of being on the physical. It will also help to boost the life force and will aid in guarding against the fading syndrome

Price  £ 16.00
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