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Aggression & Dominance Blend

This blend is suitable for animals that are exhibiting dominance and aggressive traits specifically when the dominance and aggression has fear as the underlying cause. It will also help those animals who are intolerant to being touched and who have a tendency to bite and nip when being stroked

Price  £ 8.00
Amputation Blend

This blend will assist in repairing the damage done to the etheric body after an amputation and will help with phantom limb syndrome

Price  £ 12.00
Anxious Tummy Calming Blend

For animals carrying stress and anxiety around their tummy area leading to soiling in the home when their owners aren't present. Brings calm and eases anxiety and gets rid of those 'knots in the tummy' feelings of anxiousness

Price  £ 12.00
Arthrits Blend (Research)

This blend can help with stiff joints and arthritis. It is still under research but we are very excited about this blend which is working very well on animals and those customers who have been using it on themselves are gaining benefit from their stiff joints and pain.

Price  £ 5.00
Birthing Blend for Mothers

This blend will give support to the mother through the birthing process, and will help to maintain her physical and mental energy throughout the pregnancy and help with possible stress and discomfort. It will also help with any problems the mother may have in bonding with her offspring when they are born.

Price  £ 9.00
Bladder Infection Blend

This blend offers support to the animal during a urinary tract infection

Price  £ 15.00
Bright Eyes Blend

This blend will bring relief to the eye conditions of conjunctivitis, red eyes and sore eyes that may be caused by environmental allergies

Price  £ 9.00
Bringing Back The Spark Blend

This blend is beneficial for animals that are uninterested in life and losing the will to live and are showing signs of despondency

Price  £ 10.00
Constipation Blend

This blend is beneficial for animals that may at times suffer from mild constipation

Price  £ 8.00
Ear Mites & Harvest Mites Blend

This blend is suitable for animals that have ear mites and harvest mites infestations

Price  £ 10.00
Embracing Change Blend

For use when there is a change in the family, a new baby, or an animal being introduced into the home where there are existing animals. This blend will help to bring tolerance and help with any feelings of jealousy.

Price  £ 10.00
Energy Booster Blend

Suitable for animals that are convalescing and are weak and low in energy. Helps to maintain an animal’s vital force during illness. Can also help to boost the appetite of sick animals

Price  £ 9.00
Environmental Blend

Beneficial for animals that live in close proximity of electrical equipment, televisions, mobile phones, microwaves and computers, and or for animals that live within harmful range of overhead high voltage wires and cell phone masts. This blend will help with cleansing the absorption of background radiation from the body including radiation from x-rays

Price  £ 8.00
Epilepsy Blend

This blend contains a special combination of flower and gem essences to assist in the management of seizures (Research Blend)

Price  £ 5.00
False Pregnancy Blend

This blend is beneficial for false pregnancy and in balancing female emotions and regulating hormones and seasons

Price  £ 8.00
Fear Less Blend

This blend is suitable for any animal that is fearful and will also help those animals suffering from terror. Will help during firework season and thunderstorms. (Special price only during fireworks season)

Price  £ 10.00
Fleas, Ticks & Lice Blend

This blend introduces a frequency into the aura of the animal making them less susceptible to these parasites. This blend is preventative only and does not get rid of existing fleas

Price  £ 15.00
Focus & Concentration Blend

This blend is beneficial for dogs that are easily distracted, scattered, and inattentive. It assists in promoting focus and concentration

Price  £ 9.00
Homeward Bound Blend

This blend will help our animal companions as they prepare to cross over. It will assist with the transition and help to keep the animal calm, reduce any fears or anxieties they may have and bring them peace as they prepare to leave their body and return home

Price  £ 8.00
Hormonal Balancer Blend

This blend balances hormones after a season and helps with mood swings linked to hormones and aids in stabilising the emotions. Beneficial also for irregular seasons

Price  £ 12.00
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