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Fertility Enhancing Blend
This blend will help with emotional and physical issues which can hamper the baby-making process. It can help to balance the hormones and deal with fear, doubt, worry and stress that may be present and impacting on conceiving
Price  £ 10.00
Baby Greeting Blend
This blend will help the newborn greet the Earth and feel welcome on the Earth. It also offers support for the baby straight after birth, releases trauma from the birth experience, will help the baby with the transition from being in the womb to being born, will bring calmness and help to soothe the baby and offer reassurance and peace to the newborn
Price  £ 10.00
Labour Support Blend
This blend will aid the mother in the birthing process and will help to dispel fear, increase confidence, bring calmness and emotional stability, help the mother with the transition of birth, and included are essences to help release tension from the musculature system and any pelvic tension. This combination is intended for use during labour
Price  £ 10.00
Feeling Blue Blend
To help when you are feeling down and depressed. Helps create a sunny disposition and lift low moods.
Price  £ 9.00
Beautiful Me Blend
Strengthens one's sense of self: self-worth and self-esteem; self-appreciation and self-acceptance.
Price  £ 9.00
Post Partum Blend
This blend will help the mother to bond with her newborn and strengthen the mother principle. It will help with birth trauma, restore balance and harmony and helps to prevent post partum depression. Will help with the transition and adjustment of caring for a newborn and becoming a mother, will help to balance hormones and settle the emotions, and included is a blend to help heal the trauma of surgery for those women who underwent a cesarean
Price  £ 10.00
Trust Blend
This blend will help to strengthen the virtues of trust in oneself, in others and in the spiritual world. It will also help with fears of the unknown that are held deeply within the heart which in turn affect our ability to grow and heal. It will help also with obsessive thinking and mentally controlling and manipulating life and in tendencies to anticipate all possible outcomes before taking action
Price  £ 8.00
No Stress Blend
This blend is suitable for use when there is stress present, and can be taken during stressful situations. It will help to calm the emotions and help you remain centered and balanced during periods of stress. This combination can be used longer term to remove a build up of stress that some people accumulate. In cases like these, the blend would be taken for some months
Price  £ 10.00
Post Surgery Recovery Blend
This blend provides support to the energy body after surgeries or injuries and will aid in cleansing the body of traces of medications given including anaesthetic, steroids and antibiotics.
Price  £ 12.00
Shock & Trauma Blend

This blend offers support to anyone involved in any form of accident to help with the shock and trauma of the experience at a physical and energetic level. Beneficial also to take if you have witnessed the accident or an attack to help with the shock and trauma of the experience

Price  £ 12.00
Environmental Blend
Beneficial for anyone living in close proximity of electrical equipment, televisions, mobile phones, microwaves and computers, and for anyone that lives within harmful range of overhead high voltage wires and cell phone masts. This blend will help with cleansing the absorption of background radiation from the body including radiation from x-rays
Price  £ 8.00
Candida Blend
This blend may help with energetic susceptibility to excessive overgrowth of candida (best used in conjuction with dietary changes)
Price  £ 8.00
Freedom from Addictions Blend
This blend will support those wishing to release their dependency on substances such as alcohol, drugs or tobacco. It will provide support to strengthen emotional reserves and offer grounding so that one is better able to make the necessary changes with a feeling of connectedness
Price  £ 10.00
Insomnia Aid Blend
This blend will help to release mental and emotional patterns that prevent sleep. Will bring calm to an overactive mind, and is also beneficial for anyone experiencing recurring nightmares
Price  £ 9.00
Energy Booster Blend
Suitable for anyone that is convalescing and is weak and low in energy. Helps to maintain a person's vital force during illness. Can also help to boost the appetite
Price  £ 9.00
Immune Support Blend
This blend will help to strengthen the immune system and protect the aura. It will help to prevent colds and viruses and keep the immune system strong so it is able to fight infection and prevent foreign invaders. It can be used at any time but would be beneficial as the winter months set in as this is a time when colds and viruses can be picked up more easily. It can also be used after a bout of sickness to help strengthen the immune system
Price  £ 11.00
Hormonal Balancer Blend
This blend balances hormones and helps with mood swings linked to hormones and aids in stabilising the emotions. Useful for any PMT related issues
Price  £ 12.00
Anxiety & Worry Blend

This blend will help with anxiety and worry and help to bring about peace and calm. (Two bottles will be sent 10ml and 30ml)

Price  £ 13.00
Aura Protection Blend
This blend is indicated for very sensitive individuals that have a tendency to absorb the energy of others and or are over sensitive to the environment. It will provide a strong aura of protective energy and will help to provide new energetic boundaries. Very useful for energy workers and those working in a therapeutic capacity
Price  £ 8.00
Feeling Blue (Lack of light) Blend
This blend will benefit those suffering from light deprivation either due to where they live or due to lack of light within their energy system. Helpful for those who have become depressed as a result of this lack of light to uplift and energise
Price  £ 9.00
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