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Working in harmony with you and your animals

Aside from the range of essences to help with parasite control and those essences that are working to aid physical conditions, Rosi will often work with animals on an individual basis on issues ranging from emotional unrest to the more serious cases of abuse.  Abuse cases can take many months to heal as the animal begins the process of healing the very deep wounds it is carrying due to human neglect and cruelty.  In these cases an animal may be on a particular essence for 6 to 8 months before moving onto a new essence blend to deal with the next issue that may be present.  If one imagines an onion with its many layers, we first work on one layer with its presenting issue before moving onto the next layer and addressing the next issue.  There is no quick fix with deep seated issues of trauma and abuse and it is important to remember that we always work at the pace of the animal.

I will also make up specific blends for animals as and when requested if I don't already have that particular essence for the specific condition or issue it is being asked for.  Some of the essences were originally made due to a specific request by a friend or client, and I have now made them available to help other animals suffering from the same condition, or needing the extra assistance.

I use  my animal  communication  skills  together  with the essences and will communicate with an animal if I sense  there is a need  and the information would be valuable to their healing journey. This skill complements my work with the essences and isn't something I do in isolation.

If you would like Rosi to work individually with your animal companion, please email with as much information about your animals complaint and include as much information about its history and past experiences.

Animal consultation form coming soon

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