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Goddess of the Sea

Goddess of the Sea Essence

This essence contains mermaid energy and energies of the sea and will help to clear old emotional patterns that are no longer needed in this lifetime and that have been brought over from past lives.  It will help to connect you to the goddess energy within so that you may express this part of your divinity.  This essence will clear negative patterns surrounding female sexuality and sensuality and will work with the themes of abuse of the feminine, repression of the feminine and fear of the feminine.

Mermaid Communication

I am the goddess of the sea and I will help you in the realm of the emotions.  I will work with you to help you clear old emotional patterns that you no longer need.  I will help you to connect to the goddess energy within you so that you may fully express this part of your divinity. 

 Your sensuality and sexuality should be celebrated and honoured.  Through the ages this aspect of yourselves has been repressed, abused and feared.  As these negative patterns are cleared, see them being washed away for you no longer need them.  Hidden under all of this is the beautiful goddess that you are; like a sparkling jewel, no longer afraid of its beauty or of being seen.  Allow your personal goddess energy to rise up and be seen; for it seeks full expression so that the inner flame that guides you can express itself via all the senses.  It no longer wishes to remain repressed, but wishes to come into the light.

As you honour the goddess within you more light will shine on the collective pattern of the wounded feminine, and as the goddess awakens from her deep sleep; so shall the whole of humanity.

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