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Firework Season

Many animals have a difficult time during the fireworks season and exhibit behaviour such as shaking, drooling, cowering, the inability to settle and pacing.

It can be very distressing for the animal as well as the owner to watch their animals exhibit such an amount of fear and anxiety.

How Noah's Ark Essences Can Help

The Fear Less Essence has been specially made to help animals with their deep fears and can be used on animals that exhibit fear during firework season.

Putting some drops of the essence in your animal's drinking water, every day for a month before the fireworks season starts, will help to dispel fear and anxiety and bring about calmness and inner peace.

Then during the actual fireworks, applying 3-4 drops on the back of your animals neck or rubbed onto the ears; whilst the fireworks are taking place (and repeating as often as is necessary) will help to calm and bring peace to your animal friends.

For more information about the benefits of Fear Less Essence and how it can help your animals please click on the Products & Services tab.

A little about Fears

Many animals suffer from fear, and these fears can be healed by the use of essences taken over a period of time.  Whilst essences are beneficial to temporarily ease any anxiety due to fears, I am a great believer that healing the underlying issues is always more beneficial for the animal and would recommend that this essence is given over a period of time to help the animal heal any underlying fears.

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