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About Rosi

I consciously began my spiritual development in 1999 when I left my management job in a large IT corporation due to depression and a deep feeling that I still hadn't found my vocation.  After spending a period of time not working and attending a weekly meditation group, I 'stumbled' upon spiritual healing and began training with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.  I spent some years avidly  reading as much as I could about spirituality and in particular learning about the energy bodies and chakras, and practising as a spiritual healer further allowed me the opportunity of sensing and working with the auric field and energy bodies that surround the physical body.  It was during this time that I began giving healing treatments to my two cats Sunflower and Kenny.  Kenny had belonged to a friend who couldn't keep him so it was agreed that he would come and stay. He had not long before been involved in a car crash and nearly didn't make it, so when he came to stay he was still recovering from the ordeal.  The regular healing sessions were of great benefit and he would come and sit on my lap when he wanted a top-up.  Aside from blindness in one eye he has fully recovered from his injuries.

  Kenny & Sunflower

In 2002 I attended an Alaskan Essences weekend workshop being given by Steve Johnson, the founder of the Alaskan Essences.  The workshop was all about how essences could be used to help animals to heal.  I was fascinated by what Steve was teaching us and sensed that this was the work that I would be doing.

Some months after this workshop, and having met my 'guide' in Spirit, I drove back to the course centre one afternoon and purchased the entire essences practitioner kit.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but in establishing a relationship with my guide in the months and years that followed, he has continued to be my friend and teacher and all the essences have been made with his help and the help of the energy experts that reside in Spirit. 

I first began using the essences on myself and my own animals, now to include my dog Tex who we rescued just over two years ago.  Tex had been abandoned and had many issues due to his past, which the essences have worked wonders in helping him to heal.  (Read about Tex under Animal Stories)

It has always been a personal choice not to take tablets or medications preferring to treat myself holistically, and therefore it was quite natural for me to start to question what was in some of the potions I was routinely giving my animals. As time went on I became increasingly more uncomfortable having to subject my animals to a plethora of chemicals on a monthly basis that I intuitively knew were doing them harm; weakening their whole body and energy field and ultimately leading to dis-ease as their bodies struggle to cope with and process the amount of chemicals they are subjected to.

I asked those in Spirit if the essences in my kit could be used instead of the chemicals I was subjecting my animals to, and upon being told 'yes' started to make the essences to use on my own animals. Since then I have continued to make more essences that will help with issues commonly experienced by the animal kingdom. These are the essences that I share with you today.

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