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Much of my healing work with animals involves healing emotional distress; and specifically helping animals that have been abandoned and or abused by their human carers. Many of the issues animals present due to past trauma and abuse manifests in behavioural issues and physical dis-ease.

We are now beginning to understand that these traumas remain within the energy field, organs and body of the animal, until such time as they can be brought to the surface for healing.  Cases of abuse and abandonment are deep wounds that take time to heal and flower and gem essences as well as other types of essences (tree, environmental, shells and fossils) provide very powerful healing for these issues as they address the root cause behind the distress. Animals also respond very positively to them as they work their magic in allowing the animal to bring their pain and trauma to the surface so that it can be released and to start the process of feeling safe in the heart.

In my experience many of the animals will have a layering of issues and each issue has to be taken separately before moving onto the next issue.  This is especially true of animals that have been abandoned or abused in any way.  If we imagine an onion with its many layers, we can begin to understand that the issues traumatised animals present can also have many layers.

Essences allow us to help the animal work through these layers at their own pace.  Sometimes the biggest challenge in this work is helping the owner to understand that what we are doing isn’t going to mask the symptoms, that we are in effect going to help the animal to heal the core issues, and this can take quite some time; so I ask them not to expect a quick fix.  Some animals release their pain and trauma fairly quickly, others take longer but the work is always done at the pace of the animal.  I find that dowsing helps me to connect with the animal and give me an indication of whether it needs to continue with the same essence or whether we can move onto a new set of essences to address other remaining issues the animal has yet to heal.  This takes out any ‘guesswork’ on my part, and ensures that we only move on when the animal has released and healed its first set of issues.  At times I sense that communicating with the animal is needed and this in turn helps to establish co-operation and making the animal aware at a higher level that it is receiving help to heal its past wounds.  This communication really complements the work I do with flower and gem essences and isn’t something I tend to do in isolation.

Below are just two examples of animals benefiting from essences and how they can aid in healing many deep traumas in our animal companions.


Harry had been with his new owners for 6 months when I began working with him.  He was over 11 years old, a Border x Airedale Terrier who had had a really unsettled unhappy life.  His owner described Harry as being a sweet boy at heart, overly affectionate, sometimes a bit of a bully and suffering from rage syndrome and a skin condition.

The first essence that I dowsed for Harry was Crying Heart essence.  This is an essence that I created using Bat Cave Jasper, Rose Quartz, Apache Tear, White Coral and a piece of Volcanic Rock which came from Iceland. This essence works well to allow pain and trauma to be released and works to heal grief and sadness that an animal may be carrying due to its past experiences.  As the name suggests it is very much a heart essence.  In cases of abuse and deep trauma it is generally always the first essence that is dowsed.  Harry’s owner noticed a change in the first week of taking this essence.  They didn’t see an attack of rage syndrome for 3 days. “If anything upsets Harry now he takes it out on his bedding by giving it a good shake, a great improvement on nipping”.

Harry was very aware that he was being helped; and to quote his owner “as I was cleaning the water bowls and adding his drops, I felt I was being watched, I was!  Harry was standing at the kitchen door watching intently.  I put the bowls down and only one bowl had the precise amount of drops.  Harry drank from the one with the 6 drops straight away”.

His skin began to improve and his coat was feeling and looking comfortable and healthy.  He began to sleep better and spent less time following his owners about.  In July after the initial period of taking the essence, I dowsed again for Harry and changed the number of drops that were being added to his drinking water.

The expression on his face became much softer, and he began to eat more slowly too.  He became less adamant about demanding attention and his whole demeanour appeared more relaxed.

Last time Harry visited the vets he bit the vet.  When Harry returned for dental exploration he was very quiet in the car, he normally barks and needs restraining but was well behaved and safe.  With trepidation Harry’s owners entered the vet’s surgery, placed Harry on the examination table and he wagged his tail.  Harry sat very patiently during the examination and when it was over Harry could get down but not before the vet had a friendly chat with him!  He was also behaved on the way home.

“He is making a tremendous recovery and seems very comfortable and was thrilled to be back home, the enthusiastic welcome I got from him at the vets was very touching.  When he is happy he tries to throw his lead in the air!  He is a much happier dog, his skin problems have really minimised, his coat is now very fluffy looking and full, its texture is good and it shines.  In the past his faeces were always broken and small, they seem to be coming more normal.  His rage syndrome has really calmed down, very few episodes and recovery is quick too.”

Harry continued to improve and would remain quiet at home when his owners were out, as when he arrived they had real problems leaving him even to go shopping. He became much more sociable especially towards humans and even has some friends with two legs.

“The changes in him have been remarkable, he is now a happy chappy, no rage syndrome, has relaxed and is more confident, more laid back and has become one of the dogs.  He has stopped biting and even the vet is amazed at his progress and how calm he is when he visits.  I’m so happy that Harry has released what was troubling him and that he is now a happy and content little dog.  Well done Harry!”

After using the essence of Crying Heart, Harry took a combination of essences to help him heal from his issues, some of the other essences included: Lambs Quarters, Lapis Lazuli, Northern Lady’s Slipper and Ammonite.

Jake & Riley

Jake and Riley are both rescues; Riley a 9 yr old labx and Jake a 3 yr old Rotti.  I first communicated with Jake & Riley and was given information to help me to understand the issues and Riley also shared with me that in the past he had been hit. The first essence dowsed was again Crying Heart which they both took for about 9 months and to quote their owner “I can't believe the difference in them. Riley used to be shy and quiet and it was hard to get him to let you pet him or interact with him. He would go off and hide instead of being with the rest of us. Now he is happy to be in the same room with us and also doesn't tense up anymore when you go to touch him or if Jake starts bouncing around. His tail goes 90 miles an hour when he sees me. He overall seems a more relaxed and happy dog.

Jake has been a clingy dog since I got him. He had to be the center of attention and didn't want anyone else to get any attention but him. He was constantly jumping at Riley and pushing him away. Now since being on the essence he is a much calmer dog and happy (most times) to let others get their attention too. He is also happy to let me go to another room without him and will lie on his bed away from me at times.”

I am still at present working with Jake and Riley to help them co-exist more peacefully together and they are currently taking the gem essence Topaz.  Their owner says “I’m thinking part of Jakes past trauma was the fact that he was used to test dogs to see if they liked other dogs. Which means if they didn't and they attacked him he had to fight back. Which I think was a lot of his problem with Riley, especially after he and Riley had a few tussles, Jake wanted to get in there first so he didn't get hurt. So in the last few months on the trauma remedy Rosi had them on I had noticed that Jake wasn't what I call getting his digs in first thing. He used to when he came in the door rush up to Riley and nip at his face. I can't remember the last time I saw that. And it even seems to be getting better as now when he comes in he doesn't even look at Riley he just goes and does his own thing.

Riley doesn't seem as nervous when he comes in the door and Jake is sitting there. He seems more confident and also is coming over for a lot more attention and belly rubs, full on his back belly rubs, which for him was almost unheard of. He would always lie on his side. He is also letting me handle his paws and not acting nervous”.

Jake & Riley’s owner is hoping that in time she will be able to allow both dogs to be together outside, as at present she has to separate them due to the fights they had in the past.  She has even noticed that her cats are more tolerant of each other and not as scared of the dogs either and spending more time with them; so all the animals in this household are benefiting from taking the essences.

Article written by Rosi Pineiro; March 2008

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