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Channelled Communication from Left Foot Flying Over Right Foot, Medicine Man, received by Rosi on 8th July 2007

Man has moved away from the simple laws, and in their advancement have introduced substances for animals that do great harm.  It is something that saddens us.

We need to re-connect with Mother Earth, for she holds the secrets that can help us to heal.  In re-connecting with our Earth Mother she will teach us what we need to know, and how to use her gifts for the benefit of mankind.  If we introduce poisons into our bodies and the bodies of our animal friends, dis-ease is likely to follow.  It is a simple observation.

Much of healing is simple, yet we like to complicate it; but the reality is much simpler.  We have spoken to you in the past about keeping it simple and even you have struggled with the concept, wishing at times to complicate it, and we know you have found it difficult to believe that it could be so simple; yet we tell you that it is quite simply ‘simple’.

Man spends a great deal of time undoing much of what it has done.  This could all be avoided by connecting with the Earth and listening to her voice.  She has remained silent for so very long; her children forgetting all about her, and this forgetting has given rise to what we are seeing today, a lack of respect for the Earth and all the creatures that live on her back.

Our forgetfulness has allowed us to tamper with poisons that are polluting the soil, the waters and our bodies and those of our animals.  Large corporations, so far removed from the laws of nature are being allowed to introduce chemicals into the public domain that are harmful in many ways.  We fight dis-ease with poisons and chemicals that were never intended to be ingested by humans or animals.  We then ask ourselves why we are sick and why our animals are sick.  We put mercury and aluminium into our animal vaccines; two substances that have no place in our bodies or the bodies of our animals. 

You then spend millions trying to find cures for the many diseases that you yourselves have created, and if someone tries to tell you it may be or is the poisonous substances you are ingesting; you don’t believe them, or think it has to be something else much more complicated.

Look first to what you so routinely introduce into your bodies and the bodies of the animals for some of your answers.  Eliminate some of these substances and the health of your animals and people will improve.  You already have a very good understanding of why you get sick; there are many factors, and a good place to start is to eliminate anything from the body that is toxic and has no life force.  Look up the meaning of the word ‘toxic’ – is that what you believe your body needs?  Is that what the animals need?  You already know the answers to these questions.

When I walked on Mother Earth, many illnesses were healed by understanding which herbs and plants and trees could aid us in our time of illness.  We would commune and communicate with our Earth Mother and ask her to share her secrets with us.  She will graciously share with anyone willing to listen and to use her gifts for the benefit of her children and the creatures and animals that walk upon her.  In this way there was a mutual understanding and co-operation; never was the relationship one of greed or in using her gifts in an unbalanced manner.  In this way, everyone benefited from her gifts; and shared the knowledge for the good of the whole tribe or community.  We only took what was needed and paid respect for the gifts that were bestowed upon us.

You ask me about the animals and whether the medicine that we give them is making them sick?

Some is helping but a lot of it is damaging and severely impacting on their health.  Much of it does little to heal, instead masks the true cause of the underlying condition.  We need to stop just controlling symptoms and help to heal the underlying root cause; only then is true healing possible.

You have come a long way, especially in your understanding.  Don’t concern yourself with the length of time it can take to heal a condition.  Some times the healing is quick, other times it will be more lengthy.  It will take as long as it takes.  To mask the symptoms takes no time at all; to heal can take a little longer as the body heals its way back to balance and harmony.  This process cannot be rushed.

Are the flea control products we give our animals making them sick?

Yes, of that there is no doubt.  Put poisons onto the skin of your animals and there will be consequences to those actions.  Some animals react straight away to the toxins, but the majority will outwardly appear to have no symptoms.  The damage is being done all the same, only internally where no-one can see the damage that is taking place.  Your thoughts are correct about these chemicals; this is why you have been making your essences with our help.  You are going to help man to change their minds about these toxic chemicals and given time more people will embrace the essences.  They will then wonder how they could have given their animals such toxic substances; just like you wondered when you began using the essences on your own animals.

We are pleased with the work you are doing and in the help you are giving the animals.  In time more people will wish to treat their animals holistically. All you need to do is make your essences available for people to use, and to trust in them, and believe that they can and do help the conditions you are making them for.

We will always be here helping you.  Ask for our help and it is done.  Blessings pure heart. Left Foot Flying Over Right Foot, Medicine Man

Permission to re-produce in full but please credit the source.

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