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Sunflower - An Animals Soul Agenda

Sunflower has always been an aloof cat, affection giving very much on her own terms, allowing you to stroke her and then very unexpectedly taking a swipe for you with her sharp claws.  I have to admit that this would upset me and my vision of a cuddly cat welcoming affection was not the reality that I was experiencing.

As I began to develop my intuition and animal communication skills; one day quite unexpectedly I sensed that Sunflower was angry.  This thought stayed with me and became what I would term a persistent thought.

I had been gifted a piece of black volcanic lava rock (called Suri) from Iceland which I knew was very good at helping with anger issues, having spent some time meditating with it; so I placed it on top of my bed and within seconds Sunflower had sat right on top of it and continued to do so for a number of days.

I sat with her on the bed and she shared with me that she had intended to have a litter of kittens in this lifetime and her anger was due to not being able to do this, as I had speyed her some years earlier.

I felt very guilty on hearing this, yet Sunflower didn't want me to feel guilty (animals are very forgiving).  She did however want some help to release her anger and in dealing with the loss of her ability to have kittens.  This I did by giving her the essence of Crying Heart which works with grief, sadness and sorrow.

I learnt a valuable lesson from Sunflower that day - animals have their own soul agendas but living in such close proximity to humans this can sometimes be over-ridden as we make choices and decisions on their behalf. 

I do feel that we have a responsibility to help them to heal, not only physically but on an emotional level and I sense that Sunflower is happy that I am helping her own kind to heal from their traumas and pain, and I am finding that many of the traumas animals exhibit are emotional in nature.

Sunflower today is at peace and enjoys being stroked and cuddled and she no longer takes a swipe at us!  This stopped after she had released her anger and healed from her loss.

Sunflower - August 2008

I thank her for being my teacher and for helping me to understand the animal kingdom a little better.  I am also learning that we can help our animals if we ourselves take steps to heal our emotional wounds, and reduce the stress that we may be under.  Often our own emotional 'energy' is taken onboard by the animals we share our lives with, and where this energy builds it can lead to ill-health in our animal companions.  As we heal our own wounds and become more at peace not only will our health improve, the health of our animals will also improve as they are surrounded by harmonious energies and not our negativity or lack of awareness to our own issues.

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