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How do we as animal caretakers affect the health of our animal companions?

If we are to think about an owner’s behaviour and the effect it has on the animals that live with them, we first have to think about energy.  Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, vibrating at different rates or vibrational frequencies.  You may think of a chair as being solid yet it is still composed of energy at its most basic level.  Humans and animals therefore are energy too and possess an aura or energy field that permeates the physical body.  Our energy fields are in a constant state of ‘movement’ and respond to external stimulus which in turn has an effect on our health and well-being.

Have you ever walked into a room and sensed you could ‘cut the atmosphere’ with a knife?  Or sensed that you were being watched and upon turning round discovered that you were?

We have all had experiences of ‘sensing’ and picking up on subtle energy vibrations even if we are not consciously aware of having done so.

Animals possess very well developed emotional bodies and can pick up on subtle energetic information much easier than us humans.  Perhaps as they don’t possess the faculty of speech they have developed other senses for feeling their way around the world they live in, and as a means of communicating.

As an animal communicator I have first hand experience of communicating with animals using telepathy via a distance.  We use our ‘other’ senses to establish the correct frequency of communication and also interpret what animals are saying to us using frequency and energy.  Like all skills it takes practice and patience to learn to tap into this unseen communication network but once you do, you can understand much easier how animals then can pick up on the emotional energy of their owners and how they are much more aware than we believe they are.  More evolved animals such as cats and dogs can read our thoughts and know what is going on around them.

As they have such developed emotional bodies in many cases they can process the emotional energies of those they share their lives with and no harm is done.  Some animals however take onboard too much of this emotional energy and don’t have the means of releasing it.  This is especially true if the humans are dealing with difficult emotions such as a death in the family, illness or repeated or long term stress.  Many animals are extremely sensitive to these heavy emotions and over time this unreleased energy can build up and cause dis-ease.

Have you ever spent time in the company of a very negative person or someone that continually moans?  How do they make you feel?  Do you feel depleted, tired or stressed?  Most of us have the option of limiting contact or walking away but imagine that you were subjected to this negative energy for weeks, months or even years?  We can begin to see how animals can get ill and how various illnesses manifest as a result of a build-up of negative energies.

Many animals are so connected to their owners they will take it upon themselves to draw attention to their owners own need for healing.  When I was fairly new to healing, I had an experience with a cat that would refuse to sit still at every treatment.  In fact, he would always walk over to be near his owner, or sometimes would even sit on her lap.  I was confused by this behaviour but continued to give him healing sat on his owners lap.  It was only some months later that I realised that this cat was trying to tell me something every time we met for healing.  He didn’t need healing but his owner did!  Hence why he was always moving to where his owner sat.  Thankfully I was aware that him sitting on his owners lap would ensure that she also benefited from the healing.

Some animals will actively co-operate in the healing of their owners or act as teachers.  Only last week a friend of mine told me that her cat kept on meowing over her bowl of crystals.  Being very aware my friend picked up each crystal in turn and every time she picked up a piece of kunzite her cat meowed at this particular crystal.  The cat then sat on my friends lap as she positioned the piece of kunzite close to the cat.  What is interesting about this story is that my friend has recently undergone an operation to have part of her bowel removed and her cat was bringing to her attention that the piece of kunzite would help her stomach to heal from the recent operation.

More recently I have been helping a cat that is very stressed and is continually licking a specific spot on his tummy.  His owner has confirmed that the information I received on connecting with her cat was the same as another animal communicator.  Having two people separately pick up on the same information highlights how accurate one can be in pinpointing the underlying distress. This little cat is picking up on the owners worry and licks to release his stress and worry and as a means to calm himself down.

Now, his owner is also taking essences to help her release her worry and stress and is aware that she is contributing to the stress of her cat.

There is no doubt as these examples show that animals are influenced by what is occurring around them and are susceptible to taking on too much energy if their environment is negative or full of stress.  Becoming aware that our energies affect the animals we live with is key if we wish to keep healthy animals.  Also working to actively heal ourselves benefits our animal companions as many animals will attempt to draw our attention to our own unhealed wounds.  Sometimes animals reflect back our own unhealed issues by manifesting similar illnesses to their owners.

We can’t expect our animals to heal if we ourselves are not consciously working towards healing ourselves.  I see many owners who will use essences to help their animals yet are reluctant to use them on themselves. They will then tell me they are constantly worrying or are suffering from depression or stress.

Essences work wonderfully on our emotional health.  We now have a beautiful therapy gifted to us by nature that allows us to get in touch with our emotions and to heal our thoughts about ourselves.  When both owners and animals are taking essences, we have the perfect scenario, especially when an owner realises they have issues to heal and they are impacting the health of their animal companions.

Not every single case will involve the owners though.  There are three levels of healing involving an animal:

1.       Sometimes the animal will present issues that are not shared with any other family member this includes other animals or humans living  within the family unit.

2.       Sometimes there will be shared lessons between the animal and human(s) that they have in common.

3.       Sometimes the health of an animal is impacted by the actions or behaviour of other humans or animals living within the family unit.

Connecting and communicating with the animal and also using the technique of dowsing will pinpoint at what level the issue lies.  In my personal experience the majority of animals I see have emotional issues as the root cause of their distress.

Following are some instances when essences can be administered to help with the emotional health of our animals:

  1. The birth of any animal or human within a household.  Essences will help with the change that is upon all the existing animals and will aid in acceptance of the new arrival.
  2. Injuries to an animal.  Aside from treating the specific injuries, all the animals in the household should be treated for shock.  Animals are very sensitive to their own kind being hurt and can absorb the energies of the situation.
  3. The death of an animal due to old age or natural causes.  Essences can be given to the animal as it passes to the next level of being and will aid in facilitating that process.  Any remaining animals and the owners can also take essences to help with the loss during their time of grief.
  4. Breakup of family due to divorce.  This can be a traumatic time for all members of the family as well as the animals, as loved members of the family move away.  Essences can be used to support those animals during this time of much change and possible stress and upheaval.
  5. Illness. In case of acute illness essence taking requires longer term administration.  Many animals exhibit a layering of issues that will require essences to be given on a priority basis.
  6. Animals left at home. Whilst animals’ owners go on holiday they will be looked after by others who sometimes are strangers to them.  Others still spend time in kennels and unfamiliar surroundings.  Essences will benefit those animals having to adapt to a change in energy as they get used to a different person caring for them.
  7. New puppies leaving their mothers. Will benefit from essences to help with separation anxiety issues and will provide support and comfort.  The animal has not only left its mother, but also its surroundings and its place of safety and comfort.
  8. Rescue animals.  As their past can be unknown and there may be abuse and abandonment issues present, essences will begin the work of healing any emotional wounds the animal may be carrying.  I believe it is key to help any rescue animal to heal their emotions from a past of abuse or abandonment.  It may not be outwardly obvious that some animals have been abused or abandoned, but at an energy level, the memory of the experience will still be present.

Article written by Rosi Pineiro, November 2008

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