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Bertie is a miniature dachshund (short haired). I saw a picture of him and his mother Mimi on the internet. They had been thrown out of a car in a cardboard box. Both weighed under 3 kilos!!! and were in a very poor state (see picture below at the rescue centre).

I adopted them 5 months ago....unfortunately, Mimi died 1 month ago from a heart attack. She was a lovely little soul, who at 15 years old simply didn't know what was happening and who I was.....I carried her around a lot of the time and we became very attached to each other......she would lick my face with thanks. I cried a lot when she died and so did Bertie her son of 8 years old.

Bertie was having regular seizures as well as fits of hysterics. My vet wanted to run blood tests and a brain scan but I simply couldn't put him through it after his experiences and his mother's death! So I did two things. 1st...I turned to Rosi who sent some essences to help with 'Separation anxiety' plus a  'psychic essence' (Aura Protection Essence) to keep Bertie within his own psychic boundaries as he is very sensitive.

At the same time, Rosi suggested potassium deficiency and I had already found a magnesium deficit. I began to administer Kali Phos (potassium homeopathic at 9ch) plus Mag Phos at 9ch. This in conjunction with the essences was superb. Within a few days, the fits diminished in intensity and after a week, there were no more hysterics!! I can now say that there have been no seizures since the 1st August as I write, it is the 22nd September!!! Bertie is no longer an insomniac....Grace le bon Dieu (I live in France) and his heart condition (which was serious) no longer gives any indication of a problem.

He walks long distances with my hunting dog Nanette (see her story) and plays vigorously with the ball and the Toutou!!  Thankyou Rosi....the quick fix modern drug world needs you!!! Jil

Bertie today at 5 kilos!!!

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