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The following story is written by Nanette's owner Jil (August 2008)

NANETTE is a hunting dog.... a Bassett d'Artois. The circumstances surrounding her adoption were ' strange' to say the least! My German Shepherd and labrador died  the year before and I was feeling ready to find another companion. I had made an appointment to see a German Shepherd in a refuge some two hours from where I live and made an arrangement with two friends to accompany me. The night before the appointment, I had a dream, the details of which are rather blurred but the motivation to go to the refuge was completely gone by the next morning. I do remember hearing a voice say that there was a 'special 'mission' waiting for me!! 

The very same day, a friend sent an email with a picture of a 'Traumatised Hunting Dog' who had been in a refuge for 2 years. I saw the picture and my heart turned over because I knew that was the ' special mission'!! I went with the friends to a rather poor refuge a couple of hours from where I live in Southern France. I have had a lot of dogs in my 70 odd years but never saw anything as damaged as Nanette!!

There were scars ....some still open..on her face and head and I learned that she had been taken away from her previous owner because of cruel get her home was a major operation and it soon became clear that this dog never had lived in a house or with people....probably, she was shut in a cave and for several months, she would watch the shadows cast by the sun rising on the wall by the front door whilst trembling in fearful anticipation. I came to realise that as it was always around 8am, she was dreading the arrival of the perpertrator of her cruel treatment......she was in the bed 3 weeks and wouldn't move. Urine ran out of her and there were no bowel functions at all......finally the vet had to be called for that. In addition, she would not eat in my presence although I put the bowl near her fact, eventually it was necessary to put it in the bed and leave the was the same story with the water bowl.

Eventually and with great difficulty I got a harness on her and persuaded her outside to the little garden....then we managed to go out to the main garden of the appartment block that I live in and finally after a few weeks of practise like that ,we got in the car and went to the quiet part of the town on the edge of the forest. Here, she was also very scared and often would dive under the nearest hedge for cover...which meant I dived with her!!!...This took up the first 18 months but through this....She began to bond with me and trust me.

Beautiful Nanette as she looks today

THEN, I read about ROSI......The Trauma remedy (Crying Heart) was the first one and was  amazing.....gradually I watched this damaged soul find her own 'presence' and she developed courage in social situations....slowly but surely we could venture into quiet parts of the town, then taking it slowly, I could get her to the cafe. This was a huge triumph for Nanette BUT it is only in the last few months ( nearly 3 years later ) that she has relaxed in the cafe.

We have had several essences from Rosi because Nanette's treatment has been ongoing. I am completely sure that we could never have got this far without them!! Three months ago, Bertie arrived (mini dachshund)...abandoned with his 15 year old mother in a box on the road. She has since died sadly...but Bertie is also having the 'crying heart' essence and both Nanette and he have the 'rehabilitation' essence in their drinking water. I have watched this pave the way for a bonding between the two.....Beautiful.

Thankyou Rosi for a great contribution in a world dominated by drugs and dismissal of all that is available in nature for our health and that of our beloved animals. love Jil

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