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Tex became a member of our family on 2nd July 2005 after we saw him at Dogs Trust in Newbury.  I believe that fate played a hand in Tex coming to live with us as originally we were turned down due to being first time dog owners, and we were told that Tex had problems and needed to go to an experienced home.

Disappointed that we couldn't re-home Tex, some weeks later a friend of mine came to stay from Ireland who had links with Dogs Trust and coincidentally she was due to visit the centre and asked whether I would go with her.  I had a strong feeling that Tex was meant to be with us so off we both went and I was determined that if Tex was still there, that I would ask again if he could be re-homed with us.

Tex was still there, so I asked again if he could come and live with us and told the lady we had fallen for him and that I was a healer and worked with flower essences, and would be able to help him overcome his issues.  They agreed that we could walk Tex that same week, and after a few more walks at the centre and an afternoon in our home, Tex came to live with us.

Tex had been at the Dogs Trust for 8 months, and had been re-homed during that time but for only 3 weeks.  He was returned to the centre after that time as they couldn't cope with his ways.

I immediately began administering essences, to begin to help Tex heal from his many issues.  Tex had been abandoned and on communicating with him got the sense that no-one had bothered with him and he was definitely hand shy so some abuse issues were also present.  He would allow you to stroke him and suddenly would turn to bite you.  We became quite good at sensing when this change would occur and tried to limit stroking and touching to short sessions.

Tex enjoying a walk in his favourite place the forest!

Now he no longer tries to bite and will even do a 'down stay' allowing you to stroke him.  He is much more relaxed and the pain and trauma he was carrying has been removed with the help of the essences.  He has now also healed from his deep-seated abandonment issue after taking the Separation Anxiety & Pining Essence for a number of months. 

His healing spanned well over a year as he had a layering of issues, which we worked through one at a time before moving onto the next issue.  Currently Tex is doing very well and has a touch of arthritis in one of his back legs, we think from an old injury.  He is on the Arthritis Essence I made and wow, what a difference this is making.  We went from limping after lying down, to limping after a longer walk, so I tweaked the essence and he hasn't limped for a while now.  This essence has made a huge difference, and being natural and non-toxic there is nothing in it that will harm, so we haven't resorted to drugs of any kind.  This has highlighted that we can treat these conditions naturally without doing any harm or using chemicals which have side-effects and may cause other health issues.

Tex after trying a spot of mud swimming

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