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Oscar's owner contacted me asking whether I had an essence to help with separation anxiety and fretting in her dog. She was due to go on holiday for a week and was worried as the last time she went on holiday Oscar sank into a deep depression and had lost weight on her return and didn't respond to her for a good few hours, and just lay there, head down. He didn't return to normal for a few days.

We made Oscar the essence 'Separation Anxiety & Pining Essence' with instructions to begin giving it to Oscar five days before going on holiday.  A postal strike meant that the essence was delayed and so it could only be given two days before Oscar's owner departed on her holiday.  Oscar would continue to be given the essence three times a day applied onto the back of the neck until his owner returned from holiday.

Oscar's owner contacted me again on her return from holiday to let me know that Oscar was fine during her time away.  When she came home Oscar wasn't depressed and was happy to see her.  He was in a jaunty mood, tail up, waggy and smiley.

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