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Deefah was a 9 month old rescue when he first went to live with his owner and he was as good as gold, very easy to train and good with other dogs 99% of the time.

When Deefah was 20 months old he was attacked by a Ridgeback at the park and 5 or 6 other dogs joined in and started barking and nipping at him at the same time.  The same Ridgeback attacked Deefah twice more within the next three weeks.  Following that Deefah became awful on the lead near any other dog, barking, straining, lunging, growling and would ‘charge’ at any other dog when he was off lead – although he wasn’t always quite sure what to do when he got there!

Deefah's owner contacted me after seeing some of my comments on an animal forum and asked for my help in trying to get Deefah over his fear and anxiety.

Deefah's owner says: "Its been a long haul – probably the best part of a year, but he really has come on leaps and bounds. Your essences, (and lots of patience and some training), have turned him ‘almost’ back into the 9 month old I first brought home. Obviously he is an adult male and he is potentially quite dominant, so he still has his moments, but these are very few and far between now – and more importantly predictable.

I have no trouble walking him past other dogs on the lead now, I still stick in a command to be on the safe side, but I don’t really think he needs it. If we meet other dogs now off leads he generally does the meet and greet thing and wanders off. Every now and again he’s up for a game, but not often – but then I think that’s just his nature and I’m fine with that – he has me to play with. He’s also doing really well at obedience and agility classes, so much more relaxed around the other dogs – and recently passed his ‘Gold’ kennel club good citizen’s award – which he failed last year for being a bit of a ‘stresshead’!

So all in all I couldn’t be happier, we are both a whole lot more relaxed than we were this time last year and I can’t thank you enough for your help over the last year".

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