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The following is a severe case of Separation Anxiety, told in the owners own words.

Dante was 11 weeks old when he came to live with us. He had problems settling in his crate and would howl and bark before eventually settling down. During those first few days both my husband and I were presented with a puppy covered in his own faeces.  We thought maybe it was a phase until people started to tell us that a dog doesn’t generally like to mess in their own bed.  After 10 days, at night he got worse. That Saturday we received a letter from the Environmental health; the neighbours had reported his barking.

We continued to use the crate during the day, we even tried a smaller one in the hope there wouldn’t be enough room for him to mess, but he still did.  We fed him in it, praised him for going in it and kept it in the front room during the night, but still he messed everytime he was left.  By this point, because of the complaint we had to reluctantly let him sleep on our bedroom floor.  I know we were giving in to his demands, but we had no choice as they were possibly recording the noise from next door.

After a while it was clear the crate wasn’t working.  We tried everything with the cage, so we decided to let him have the whole kitchen, with the door shut.

It soon became apparent that this wasn’t fool proof as he could open the door and go in the front room, where he still poo’d, so we fixed a bolt to the door.  That is when the Separation Anxiety reared its head and became apparent.

I think Dante may have being developing it right from the beginning, but this is when the true signs began to show.  He started by digging at the doorway I left from (the bolted door).  He would pick up on the signs that I was leaving, right to the first sign which was brushing my hair and he would bark at me.  From the beginning he always barked and whined when I went upstairs, even for a brief minute.  He would be gated off in the kitchen whilst my 2 and 3 year old were safely in the front room.

I even got up at 5.00am to walk him before my husband left for work – it made no difference.

This continued to get worse, until one day we decided to take a huge gamble…

And then came Amber…

We decided maybe the best bet was to get another dog.  We opted for a rescue as we wanted to give an unwanted dog a home.  We always loved Malamutes, and we came across Amber.  We didn’t take the decision lightly, it was only because when we looked after my mums dog, Dante was slightly better, so we figured maybe he was lonely.

When she came along, about half of Dante’s worries went.  He no longer whined every time I went out of view, or went upstairs.  He didn’t get as bad when I left, although he did still urinate and poo everywhere in the kitchen.  So even though it had helped the problem, it didn’t solve it.

However, after speaking to many people on dog forums, many behaviourists etc, there were two things used in conjunction which ‘finished the job’.  Rosi contacted me via a forum and offered her help in what almost seemed an impossible situation.  She sent us the Separation Anxiety & Pining Essence to help calm Dante down and reduce his anxiety and fears when we left him.  With using this as well as a DAP diffuser; after just a few days the difference was remarkable (although I don’t think it would have been such a great difference had we only used the DAP diffuser).  The essences smelt lovely and were so easy to use, and the best thing, it was all natural, no prescribed drugs with god knows what in them. 

He would still be worried when we left, but not panicky, anxious and scared.  He no longer toileted in the kitchen, no more digging at the door.  We were able to gradually place him and Amber in the kitchen at night, without any fuss.  It was amazing, we could finally, after 8 long months start enjoying our puppy and not dread coming home to him and what mess he had caused.

Thank you to everyone and especially thank you to Rosi, we almost gave up on our pup so many times, and now we wouldn’t be without either of them.

Robert, Jodie, Dante & Amber

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