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Harriet's Story

Harriet developed a bad rash on her head, which soon turned into open wounds that she kept scratching at. 

I took Harrie to the vets on numerous occasions, they told me that she had an allergy to pollen.  Harrie was put on Antibiotics to help clear up the wounds and clear any infection she may have had; she was also given a cream, which she tended to lick off. 

She finished one course of the antibiotics, but they did not help and Harries head was still very sore.   She had also lost most of her fur on her ears and where the wounds were.  They wanted to continue, by putting her on another course of antibiotics, but I did not see that this was going to help as it had no affect last time.

The open sores on Harries head

That is when I found Rosi, and was intrigued to know if she could have a product that not only could clear Harries condition, but one that was not full of chemicals. 

Rosi said she could help us.  She dowsed a specific essence and Harriet began her treatment back in may 2007, with Rosi regularly sending me updates on Harries requirements and how often i should be giving her the essence and how many drops were to be administered.

Now it is October 2007, and i am pleased to say that with Rosi's help, Harries head has completely cleared up!

Her fur has grown back and she is much better in herself.  The essence that Harrie was taking was helping to strengthen her energy field so that she would not be susceptible to pollen and next year, in the summer, she should not get the same problem again.

I'm so pleased with the results, and now my cat is back to her normal pretty self!

Sarah Goodby, & Harriet

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