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What our clients are saying about the Arthritis Blend

Hi Rosi,

Just a quick note to say that Kai is doing very well on the Arthritis Blend.  He is romping around and having a good old time in the snow.  He seems more willing to go for his walks now.  We have a happy pooch again thanks to you.

Cheers, Lynn Mundy

Hi Rosi,

Riley is doing fantastic with this new and improved blend. He runs like the wind from the pen to the house, and sometimes he'll double back and go around the yard. I see no limping at all. He seems genuinely more happy. I can't wait until it's lighter out, I want to get a video of him running around like a mad man.

Thank you so much for improving it. He is now much better on your blend than he was on the other stuff I was giving him last year.

Debs, USA

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