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Nurturing Essence

I must say Rosi that the last Essence has put the finishing touches to Bertie's Epilepsy problem. To re cap....As you will remember, when I adopted him some 18 months ago, he was a 'nightmare'!! Attacking and biting me frequently as well as other animals and people. He was an insomniac and given to screaming nightmares in the middle of the night which turned the blood cold!! I can't tell you how many times I battled with myself against giving in and euthanasing him!!! 

We started  the Essences and I saw an improvement very quickly....My treatment was also to turn away without reaction when he attacked. The Epileptic seizures continued....usually at lunations. Moon Energy Essence was very effective for some calming at this time and in fact the last seizure a few weeks ago... was very mild and short lived in comparison with the previous horrors. However, the most profound change has come with 'Nurturing Essence'. My Goodness!! It's a changed Dog!! He is friendly in general with all dogs...even males (unless they are aggressive first!!).He is mostly reliable with people touching him but I am very careful about that.  We have journeyed through two full moons (December)
 and two eclipses in 6 weeks with just two nightmares but no seizures!!!  I am benefiting myself enormously from 'Nurturing Essence'  and Insomnia Essence, which I have recently started again on the full dose you suggested...7 drops (but I put them straight in the mouth). This ensures a good night's sleep!!

In addition to all this, Cheyenne....the German Shepherd.... who had 3 owners in his first year!! and was totally unsociable and 'up the creek' is responding magnificently to 'Fearless' and will be starting 'Feeling Safe' any day now I think. His owners are delighted with the results so far. I went into their shop a few days ago and there was absolutley no barking, no attempt to move just a calm presence. Bravo Rosi. This is the way forward in the 21st century. We need people like yourself who find workable, natural solutions to health and behavioural problems in animals and humans....It is imperative that Pollution...both Chemical and Psychic.... be reduced.

Jil in France

Inner Child Nurturing Essence

I began to take the Inner Child Nurturing Essence in April and I began to feel the benefits immediately.

It helped to bring up issues for healing in a gentle way which made me feel safe, before the essence, issues would come to the surface in a kind of intrusive, almost aggressive way, and although I knew this was because I had ignored a lot of them for many years due to the emotional pain that looking at them would bring, it still did not make me want to process my past pain and anger.

The essence has provided me with a healing space which has enabled me to examine and process each issue at a pace that is kind and nurturing to me while at the same time it never wavers in its determination that I will look at these feelings as part of my emotional journey of healing and recovery.

Rebecca in Manchester

Shock & Trauma Blend

While out walking last summer, Mylo - a 3 year old miniature schnauzer - was badly attacked by a large dog. This attack left Mylo scared and in pain and terrified of other dogs and people. Immediately after the attack he would hide away under the chairs and sofa and would crawl on his tummy across the floor if he wanted to leave the room. He would not leave my side and would panic if I tried to close a door behind me, and he basically changed into a different dog.

I contacted Rosi and she sent a shock and trauma blend for me to use on Mylo and Taz (our 7 month old shih tzu pup who witnessed the attack - the vet who examined Mylo actually said that if the dog had attacked Taz instead of Mylo, Taz would have died from either the shock or the injuries). Mylo would return to his 'normal' self every time I put the drops on his neck! He would play with Taz and just appeared much more relaxed, and I'm positive that the blend helped him start his recovery from this horrible event. Although Mylo has not regained his confidence completely after the attack the essence helped him when he needed it the most, and I can't thank Rosi enough for this.

I also use Rosi's Amethyst essence for travel sickness for Mylo and to help them both relax at stressful times such as Christmas or Fireworks night. Mylo needs the essence more than Taz as he's a natural worrier, but Taz gets very upset if he doesn't get the drops as well and will pester until he has them!!

Kate Denner, Devon

Bladder Blend

I have three cats who have had cystitis in repeated bouts. Normally it is a visit to vet to pick up Cystease and antibiotics and eventually it clears up.  Cystitis is linked to stress and a visit to the vet and a twice daily fight to get pills down a cats throat is doubly stressful for both myself and the cat!! Now that I have Noah's Ark bladder remedy I can treat the cystitis in a non invasive natural way.  The first time I tried the blend was on a cat who had already finished the antibiotics but was continuing to pee frequently.  I was surprised to see the symptoms clear up within 24 hours and non of my cats have had a repeat attack equalling happy & stress free cats and owner!!

Cari Cardew, Farnham

Dear Rosi....I wanted to tell you of the amazing improvement in Bertie!!!...He has calmed right down and is now a normal Dachshund!! No hysterics, crying when I go out...not at all. He sleeps well, loves his walks, loves to play with the Toutou or the Ball. I thank you very much for an astonishing transformation!!! Nanette also does very well....happy, relaxed....perhaps never quite ' normal'....we shall see. Jilxx  

Jil, France

Fleas, Ticks & Lice Blend & Worms Blend

I have never liked the idea of deliberately putting poison on my cats for eradicating fleas.   I have used Frontline on my five cats for well over six years and hated their reaction.  I thought I had no choice so when Rosi told me she had a blend for fleas I decided to give it try.  I bought my first bottle in April 2005 and put the drops along their spines.  There was no running away, no smell of chemicals – it is a completely natural product.  It’s sometimes difficult to have faith when you have been brainwashed by the medical/veterinary establishment but I trusted the blend would work – it certainly did no harm!  I can state for the record that after two years of using the drops every month during the summer there has been NOT one flea on ANY of my five cats.  I feel so sad when I see people at the vets buying Frontline – I want to tell them not to use it, how much harm it does and how there is a natural alternative that really works!

I also use Rosi’s worming blend and again never any problems with any of the cats.  My eldest cat (14 years) recently underwent a major surgery and is battling liver cancer.  She was on Rosi’s post op blend and bounced back so quickly the vet was amazed.  She is also on a liver detox blend to try and reverse all the damage done by yearly vaccinations/Frontline/toxins in the food.  I am happy to say that so far she is doing great and has more energy now than in the last two years.

So take the advice of someone who has more than “road tested” Rosi’s essences – go natural and pure.  Give your pets the best chance at a long and healthy life.

Cari Cardew, August 2007 (proud owner of Sapphire, Steel, Goatie, Smudger & Patch!)

Amethyst Essence

After using Rosi's Amethyst Essence on my 4 month old Basset Hound for car sickness, he showed a remarkable difference. He used to drool and vomit when in the car even on very short journeys. We made a 3 hour car journey on the weekend and after applying just a few drops to the nape of his neck 10 minutes before travel, he slept the entire journey! We used it on the way home also and he was fine, slept again and suffered no ill side effects at all. It gives me great peace of mind that I can now make journeys with him in the car and he won't suffer any illness. This essence is so much better than using pills from the vets or pet stores that may contain harmful toxins and cause nasty side effects. This really has made a huge difference to us and I would recommend this essence to everyone.

H. Hadden

Separation Anxiety & Pining Blend

Buddy my 4 yr old chi x jack has separation anxiety and a nervy disposition ever since I got him at 4 mths old from a rescue group. I have tried various things over the years to help Buddy but nothing seems to help in the long term. He hates me going out which due to my being disabled I don't do very often and would howl and bark and scream, poo and pee everywhere whenever I did go out. He is scared of fireworks and loud noises also. I tried a herbal pill which helps a little and those plug in things which didn't help at all and have even crated him to restrict the mess, this certainly didn't help.

I found myself going out less and less or would take him with me, which sometimes is not convienant or safe. Well after trying for years to solve Buddys problems I posted on d for dog forum and Rosi replied and agreed to send me her separation anxiety blend and as much love and healing to Buddy as she could, he has been having these drops on the back of his neck for a couple of months and he seems a different dog already he has just got through the awful fireworks season with a lot less distress than before infact he was quite happy under the bedclothes and going to sleep which previously he wouldn't have done and his separation anxiety does seem better. He doesn't pee or poo and will settle down after a bark when I first leave and seems a much calmer dog. It took a while but we finally seem to be getting somewhere so thankyou so much rosi for your healing blends and thoughts..Buddy and I and my neighbours cant' thank you enough.

Tracey Waters; Chatham, Kent

No Stress Blend

Hi Rosi, I am pleased to report we have some success. I was at a competition yesterday, and to my horror in the field next to the one  we were working in was a bird scarer, going off every two minutes. I don't know if you know about these things - I live in the country and have had expereince of them they sound like a gun shot each time they go. I had a real problem with Django last year locally when they set one up and it took me along time to get  him over it, that I think is what started the noise fear.

So I knew I had problems and he was really panicky to start, I had been using the blend on him as you suggested for  some  days prior to us competing, on the back of his neck but as the situation was rather extreme I shot some directly into his mouth on a couple of occasions and it seemd to do the trick. We got through the day, even managed to hold the stays.

So I would say it has been successful. I still have some left and will continue to use it on competition days. Many thanks for your help, Love Gabbie

Gabbie Slade

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