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Sexual Abuse

Noah's Ark Essences now provides a range of essences and blends to help those healing from childhood sexual abuse.  If you would like to receive a free booklet on the complete range of essences please send an email to:

We also make a range of essences and blends that work with the traumatic imprints in the brain.  It is now understood that childhood abuse and neglect changes the healthy development of the brain. Everything that happens to us is registered by our central nervous system and brain.  These essences have been specifically made to clear the traumatic imprints in the brain to bring about emotional healing.  These essences will also help with the integration of memories between the two hemispheres of the brain and help with feelings of fragmentation and dissociation, which are common amongst sexual abuse survivors. They will also gently bring to the surface any repressed childhood memories for integration.  If you would like further information, please ask when enquiring as the brochure does not yet include these essences. 

A Return to Innocence

Healing childhood sexual abuse with Noah’s Ark Essences & Combination Blends

Childhood sexual abuse leaves deep wounds that can impact a person’s life negatively as they struggle to cope with the aftermath of their abusive experiences in the critical formative years of their life.  Many times the abuse is carried out by the very caretakers entrusted with caring for and nurturing the child; the betrayal of trust and the damage done to emotional development can have devastating consequences and lead to dysfunctional behaviours, from issues of mental health, dependency on drugs and alcohol, issues of intimacy, inability to form relationships either platonic or sexual, involvement in abusive relationships, suicide attempts, trust issues – fears, anxieties, phobias, anger and rage.

Whilst there are many issues to address and the healing journey can be incredibly painful; it is possible to heal this very deep wound.

What most childhood abuse survivors have in common is a ‘lack of’: a lack of love, a lack of nurturing; a lack of emotional support, a lack of positive role models, a lack of understanding, a lack of healthy boundaries, a lack of trust – to name but a few.  This lack is felt on many levels; some of what one lacks one is consciously aware of and yet other ‘lacks’ remain on an unconscious level which then go on to shape ones behaviour as one struggles to function in the world with dysfunctional programming, inherited from ones experiences of childhood abuse.

Flower and gem essences provide healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  They work with us to remove the cellular impact of abuse and trauma, provide emotional support and healing, nurture those parts of ourselves which didn’t receive sufficient nurturing during childhood, help to change our negative mental patterning’s and thoughts about ourselves and provide a deep level of spiritual love, nurturing and sustenance.  Put simply they infuse us with love.

Abuse survivors require much support from therapies such as counselling, support groups, and other healing activities and encouragement that help to break the secrecy and isolation after many years of silence and suffering alone.

Flower essences not only provide deep levels of healing and support they also have the ability to remove the energetic imprint of abuse which remains in the body and at an energy level.  Removing the imprint of abuse is key to complete healing otherwise those energies are still held in place impacting on the health of the individual.  So, not only do flower essences ‘put in’ energies, they also ‘take out’ energies.  When a negative energy is removed, a new healthy energy needs to be put in its place otherwise there will be a void which is felt by the person on some level.

Noah’s Ark Essences have been created to support the gentle healing and release of core traumas associated with childhood sexual abuse.  They can also help to change stubborn mental patterns and conditioning that are difficult to shift and change and that can cause much mental anguish to the individual who is living with repetitive negative mental programming.  These essences address not only the adult self but also work at the level of the inner child where much original pain and trauma resides.

We began creating this set of essences in 2004 to help those healing from childhood sexual abuse and throughout their creation what was always at the forefront was a deep message of hope; hope in the individual spirits’ ability to return to wholeness and in its ability to heal even from such painful wounds of childhood sexual abuse.  This hope has never waivered and as we asked the questions – How can we obtain deep levels of nurturing and sustenance deprived in childhood?  How can we fill in those holes and voids?  How can we heal this deep wound, invisible to the naked eye yet its affects so devastating?  How can we repair the damage that has been done?

The hope and the answers lay in the healing powers of nature.  We can’t obtain the original levels of nurturing that were our birthright; that time has now passed; but we can receive the nurturing we lack from our Earth Mother.  Her nurturing and loving energies are abundant and it is these special and powerful energies that can be found in flower essences.  

Flower essences provide a complete level of healing however, it is important that the person has outside support whilst healing from childhood sexual abuse.  Having a solid support structure whilst at the same time following a programme of taking flower essences is more helpful than taking them in isolation as issues do come to the surface which may need discussing with a counsellor or trusted friend or therapist.  Keeping a journal to write thoughts, poems or healing insights is also very helpful as it helps to chart progress and also empty the mind of overwhelming thoughts which can occur when healing from sexual abuse.

These essences are offered to you in the spirit of love and in the knowing that you don’t just have to be survivors, you can be thrivers and heal from your wounds. As you take the tentative steps to heal from your childhood wounds, you too help to heal the collective wounds of humanity and in doing so you bring peace, love and harmony to our world.

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