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Meteorite Essence

From Rock to Essence

In 2006 I was gifted a piece of Rochechouart Meteorite Rock from France by a gentleman called Jaff who lives quite close to the site where the meteorite landed a long time ago.  He spoke about the piece of rock in the singular so when I received it I was surprised to find two pieces.  On closer examination both pieces fitted perfectly together so the rock had quite clearly broken in half during its journey from France to the UK.  I sensed that this was for a reason and the first time I sat with the rocks and attuned to them I heard quite clearly "distribution of energy"; so knew that the two pieces as opposed to one piece would help to distribute energy more evenly as I held them and the rocks had also revealed one of their healing properties.


My initial impression upon meditating with the meteorite was the deep peace I felt when holding it.  I felt enveloped in a cocoon of such deep peace and will often still spend some time holding them when I need their peaceful and calming energies.

On this Summer Solstice 2008 I made an essence from both pieces of meteorite rock and it is now available to purchase from the website under the 'Products & Services' tab.

On further sessions meditating with the meteorite, more information was gathered on its particular healing uses and these include:

* even distribution of energy throughout the body

* brings peace; especially where there is deep mental and emotional conflict and turmoil

* helpful for those Souls that don't feel they belong on the Earth and are homesick; it will help them to feel more at home and anchored to the Earth

* beneficial for insomniacs

* helps to elevate thoughts from the mundane to higher consciousness

* helpful for those suffering with IBS and digestion problems

We will of course welcome all feedback on how the essence has helped you.  If you have used this essence and it has helped you in other ways not mentioned here, we would especially love to hear from you.

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