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Volcanic Lava Rock

Icelandic Volcanic Lava Rock (Suri)

I have been working with this small piece of Icelandic Volcanic Lava rock, named Suri, for quite a few years and it has an amazing ability to help with any anger issues that may be present either within ourselves or the animals that we share our lives with.  If you go to the section 'Articles & Info' and read the story of "Sunflower" the cat, it describes how it helped Sunflower to release her anger; and I have also used it in the past to great effect.  This volcanic lava rock is also one of the ingredients in the Crying Heart Essence. 

This Summer Solstice 2008 I made an elixir with Suri and it is now available to purchase from the Products and Services section of the website under 'Essences for People' although it can also be used on animals exhibiting anger and aggression.  We would love to hear your feedback on using this essence and on how it has helped you and your animals.

Suri - Icelandic Volcanic Lava Rock

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