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Nurturing Essence

This Inner Child Nurturing Essence was created on a lunar eclipse on 9th February 2009. I had been intending to make this essence since September 2008 and a week before the lunar eclipse I was driving home one evening and found myself wondering when I should make this essence.

When I got home that same evening an email was waiting for me about the Lunar Eclipse and how it related to inner child issues.  Here was my answer!  It wanted to be made on the 9th February Lunar Eclipse.

I already had a list of all the necessary ingredients as I had dowsed for them some weeks previously; or so I thought!  That night I was awoken 4 times and heard the word ‘serpentine’.

I was quite clearly being told that Serpentine was needed as one of the ingredients for the elixir.  I didn’t have any serpentine as I had never worked with this particular crystal so I ordered a beautiful light green piece the following day and hoped it would arrive on time for the Lunar Eclipse, in less than a week.

This essence is very special in that it works to nurture the parts of ourselves that perhaps didn’t receive nurturing during our childhood.  It also works with the limbic system of the brain; the part of the brain that deals with the emotions  and emotional  association with memory and the formation of memories, specifically the hippocampus, the centre that deals with history and memory.

It would be beneficial for childhood issues of abuse where the memory of the abuse is being held by the hippocampus, and hasn’t fully integrated with the logical part of the brain; so would be extremely beneficial for those whose abuse was prior to the age of 5 years of age and who have preverbal trauma; trauma before speech was learnt.

This essence is taken in two stages, first by applying the drops to the back of the neck, to access the limbic system and hippocampus; and then after some months the drops are applied to the naval; the seat of the inner child.

This essence is recommended for those that have been working on themselves for some time but not for those that have still to access their childhood traumas as this essence will bring many issues to the surface which may overwhelm someone who has just began to heal from their abuse or trauma.

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